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belief in or the practice of resisting or refusing to accept change, especially in politics.

Hello Friends;

It has been several months since my last post.  Being a small business owner can keep one very busy.  If you read my first post, you know that I am actively petitioning the Nova Scotia Government to allow u-vint (ferment on premise) in this province.  I have met with the provincial Minister responsible but to no avail.  Do not let the irony of the word provincial to go unnoticed.  In his last correspondence the Minister said that "We have concluded that legislative changes to allow the practice will not be implemented at this time."  The key element to that statement is the use of the word "we".  Who is "we" and why has this decision been made by "them" without any consultation to the operators that wish to offer the service and more importantly, the public.  The government has made yet another decision without consideration of what the electorate wants.

This is standpattism at its best, or worst, depending on your vantage point.  We have elected officials that ignore the wishes of the people while trying to hold on for re-election.  It is shameful at best.  

Equally disturbing is the fact that a large number of customers that visit my store and inquire about the battle with the government, although they support me will often comment, "why do you bother, you can't beat them".  Are we as Nova Scotians so defeatist that we accept our governments dysfunctional nature?  Should we not fully expect and demand that those we elect will actually heed the wishes of the people.  

Perhaps I am naive or just believe in right versus wrong and in the power that a true democracy should have.  The present government, like those before them, would sit on the fence, stagnate and in some cases, regress rather than  look to the future and change.

Remember, you can't spell standpattism without NDP.  

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